Monday, 23 February 2015

French High Command and Staff

Well, this is a major update as you can see. I´ve finally painted enough Division and Corps Command bases for almost any contingency that the Emperor may ask.

Let´s begin with a "Général de Division" ("Lieutenant-Général") (Perry Miniatures) urging a Colonel of Line Infantry (Calpe Miniatures) to follow his orders:


 Another Général de Division, this time with a Major of Line Infantry (Perry and Calpe again):


The Emperor´s own selected corps of Aides de Camp were the famous and flamboyant "Officiers d´Ordonnance". Later we´ll see their usual light blue uniform, but for this miniature I´ve prefered to depict one of them in the more usual dark blue version for campaign. Unless otherwise stated, all minis from now on are Perry Miniatures.


Now that we are talking about Aides de Camp, let´s check a typical ADC of the Army dressed in the regulation dress.

What we have here now is a General de Brigade ("maréchal de camp") having a strong talk with an Aide from a Division General (distinguished by his red arm band). As you can see, the General is wearing a non-regulation made-to-order red Hussar uniform, where only the blue-gold sash tell us about his rank. He will be of good use for commanding Cavalry brigades or divisions.


Let´s keep on the subject of Generals de Brigade. Here we see "the" General de Brigade of the Carabiniers brigade, asking a dashing Officier d´Ordonnance when is the Emperor going to allow him use his heavy brigade to smash the enemy.


Between so many delightful french dishes, let´s have an Italian interlude. First a couple of colonels of Line Infantry as an appetizer. Brigade Miniatures.

 And now heavier italian stuff: A General de Division (on foot) accompained with his Chief of Staff (Aiutante Comandante).


Let´s get back to the French Army. Here we can see a General of Division receiving the visit of an Aide, with another Aide observing the scene. As you can see, both aides are Hussar´s officers dressed in their respective Regiment´s dress.

 Another General de Division. This time sporting the dark blue breeches that were quite popular among Generals. He is reading a message, while one of his staff officers (Adjoint) is observing the enemy´s whereabouts.


This General de Division is talking with a NCO of Line Infantry.


You never have enough Generals of Division! Here we have a couple on horse. One of them could command a Corps (not every Corps d´Armee was commanded by a Marshal).


This General de Division has been sculpted as Jerome Bonaparte (other generals have been sculpted as other individual characters: You can check it at Perry´s website). I have put Jerome hare talking with a Line Infantry officer. Both the officer and the soldier next to him are Calpe´s minis.

Before we go into even heavier stuff, let´s have a French Horse Artillery refreshment:

This will serve me as a Corps Command base. A General de Division is talking with an Officier d´Ordonnance de l´Empereur. An Aide de Camp observes the enemy.

 Another Corps Command base: A Division General (possible commanding a Corps) is saluted by an Adjoint, while an Officier d´Ordonnance rests his horse.

This is my higher ranking base so far. A Maréchal (Ney) is debating plans with a General de Division (Drouot). A couple of Commandant Adjutants are frantically writing messages who are then passed to aides de camp.