Tuesday, 16 June 2015

French Imperial Command set

Well, it has been a while since my previous post! Not that I have stopped painting, just that I need a certain peace and time to make these posts and upload the pictures, and both have been scarce lately.

  Here you have, in all its glory, a command base including the Big small man himself: l´Empereur!
All minis are Perrys, and as you can see I have used several sets. On one corner you can see three  Imperial Guard officers (Red Lancers, Empress Dragons and Grenadier regiments). On another corner you can see a Marechal de France departing about the situation with an Officier d´Ordonnance de l´Empereur. The Big Man is giving instructions to an officer from the Imperial Headuarters. On the second row you can see several civil servants to Napoleon: one taking care of the Emperor´s horse, another standing next to the Emperor´s bodyguard, Roustam, and a couple of valets (one is serving some coffee or chocolat).


  One important notice: I think it´s about time that some of my collection is allowed to see the world. As of now, I am ready to accept offers for any of the different miniatures I have posted so far on this blog. It is my intention by now only to sell them "as they are" now, that is in complete infantry/cavalry units, and individual artillery/command bases. If the current size (number of figs) of one unit does not suit you (I am thinking about some Prussian regiments, for instance), I can take a commision to enlarge it with more miniatures.
One note: I am located in Madrid, Spain.

  I am not yet sure if this will have be my first step as a professional painter, but I need the cash now and I really think that the minis I have posted over the past 2 years are worth a good amount of it! Many of them were not photographed under the best lighting conditions or with a good camera, but I think that if you browse these blog entries you can make yourself an idea of the general quality. If you need it, I can make new pictures of any units you may see in this blog.  You can make offers or enquiries at my e-mail address: mosqueteypincel@gmail.com


  1. Absolutly splendid, figures, poses, basement and paintjob are awesome!