Monday, 3 November 2014

Italian Foot Artillery

Well, it´s been a while since my previous post, but then you know how this works. One must find the time and the enthusiasm to go on.

As you know, my current projects include building about one division of italian troops for my French Imperial army. Now we´ll take a look at some foot artillery. As you can see below, I decided I didn´t want to miss the opportunity for more variation, so besides the customary line foot artillery, I´ve also painted some regimental artillery.

Let´s begin with the basic type, the line foot artillery. Here with a pair of 6 pdr. pieces. Gunners are Offensive Miniatures range, guns from Calpe.

The following is regimental line artillery sporting austrian 3pdrs. Very similar to line artillery, but notice the green lapels and turnbacks instead of black and red. Gunners are Offensive Miniatures again, guns Front Rank.


And here is one regimental artillery gun from the Regimento di Conscritti di la Guardia Reale (Guard Conscripts). These guys went into Russia in 1812.  A decret from 4th October (post-Borodino) transformed them into the 2nd Artillery Company of the Italian Guard. Notice the red turnbacks and epaulettes. Gunners from Brigade Games range.

That´s all folks!