Friday, 20 February 2015

Reinforcements "pour l´Empereur!"

Well, the Napoleonic French project keeps receiving troops at good pace. I have made a vow not to get more lead ´til everything I have now in the waiting is painted. Here you can see my latest efforts with the brush. I have loads of new painted minis, but the reason for the delay in uploading is that I am increasingly frustrated with my current camera. The pictures you can see are a pale reflection of what you would see in person. But as I can´t be sure when I´ll be able to improve that, I am uploading these pictures in any case, if only as to keep a register of what I am painting. Hopefully, these pictures will be upgraded some day.

Let´s begin with artillery reinforcements. First one base of "Artillerie a pied", a 12 pdr piece. Crew is from Brigade Games, modelled by Paul Hicks, wearing the long coats that were used up to 1812 (and may be even in 1813 in some cases).

And here follow 2 heavy pieces of Foot Artillery, a 12 pdrs. gun and a heavy howitzer. The men are dressed according to the Bardin´s regulations. The ordnance are Calpe´s minis. As some of you will notice, their size is significatively bigger than the guns from the Perry twins, and I think these are better detailed (and better cast). Crews are Perry´s.

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