Monday, 19 May 2014


¡Se sube el telón! Hoy da comienzo este blog para llevar un registro de la evolución de mi colección de miniaturas pintadas.
¡On with the show! Today this blog goes public: It is destined keep a record of how my current collection of painted miniatures evolves.

Empezamos con miniaturas napoleónicas (28mm) circa 1813. En primer lugar, FRANCESES.
We start with napoleonic minis (28mm) circa 1813. Begining with FRENCH.

General de brigada/Brigade General:

General de brigada y 2 coroneles de infantería de línea/Brigade General and 2 line infantry colonels:

Coronel de infantería ligera/Light Infantry Colonel:

Infantería de línea/Line Infantry:


Generales de división y heridos/Division Generals and some casualties:

Pasamos a PRUSIANOS/Now we go with PRUSSIANS:

1er Regimiento de Prusia Oriental (de izquierda a derecha: jagers voluntarios, fusileros y mosqueteros)/East Prussia 1st Regiment (from left to right: volunteer jagers, fusiliers and musketeers):

2º Regimiento de Prusia Oriental (de izquierda a derecha: fusileros y mosqueteros, con un oficial de freiwiliger jager)/East Prussia 2nd Regiment (from left to right: fusiliers and musketeers with a freiwiliger jager officer):

Regimiento "Leib" o 1º de Brandemburgo  (de izquierda a derecha: fusileros, Bón. de Thuringia y mosqueteros)/Leib Regiment (Brandemburg 1st) (from left to right: fusiliers, Thuringen batalion and musketeers):

 Batallones de granaderos 1º de Prusia Oriental, Prusia Occidental, Silesia y Leib/Grenadier batalions from 1st East Prussia, West Prussia, Silesia and Leib regiments:

Vista general de las anteriores unidades prusianas/General view of the units detailed above:

Coroneles de varios regimientos de infantería/Colonels from various infantry regiments:

La mayoría de las miniaturas son Perry Miniatures, excepto alguna ocasional de Wargames Foundry y de Calpe Miniatures. Los estilos son muy compatibles entre sí, y la diferencia de altura no es tan grande (a las de Foundry les he colocado una pequeña alza, eso sí). Aunque suene extraño, pienso que juntarlas en una misma unidad contribuye a hacer más realista la apariencia de la misma. Un rostro de Wargames Foundry aquí y allá da mucha vida a una unidad formada por Perrys.
Most minis are Perrys, with some Foundry and Calpe. The sculpting style is quite similar, and the height difference is not that big (all truth said, I have elevated the Foundrys with cardboard). I know it may sound odd, but I find that mixing them within the same unit contributes to the realistic look of the group. A Foundry face here or there gives a lot of character to a unit composed mostly with Perrys.

¡Espero que os haya gustado!
I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. They look good, but can they fight? :=) Look forward to seeing a battle report to see if the Prussians can route the French or be routed in turn.

  2. Sure they can!
    Many aeons ago, I played a lot to Empire with my 15mm collection, but to get back into the hobby I decided to restart with 28mm. After all, the hobby is mostly painting and collecting, so mostly I want minis that look good (I love the uniforms!).
    At first I thought to play with Age of Eagles, but later I decided I needed a little more tactical detail, so I have just finihed a battle at home using FOG(N), a ruleset I like for the most part. But I am looking for other alternatives as well!

  3. Hi Joaquin
    very nice work well done. Welcome to the blogosphere.


  4. Great models. I especially liked the Prussians, even though I have none myself. Regular updates will be appreciated.

  5. Thanks!
    There's one detail I forgot to mention: Flags are from Adolfo Ramos range (I do the waving myself).

  6. Beatiful troops! Definitely add a "Followers" button. The units look quite large, ? 28 - 36 figures each?

  7. I´m still struggling to learn how to put the proper functionalities at the blog. I see the "subscribe through e-mail" gadget, but I´m not sure about the difference between "g+ followers" gadget and the "subscription to the site" gadget...

    Units seem quite large, as they are basically regiments, not batalions. I have used the Age of Eagles scale as a basis (360 men per base of inf). As you can see my prussians, they are about 2 or 3 bases per batalion (6-7 bases per 3 batalion regiment). I am using them now to play FOGN smoothly: 4-6 bases per regiment is all you need: I dispense with the second line of bases that ruleset recomends, as I find its look unlinear/unatractive, and this allows me to play with a scale of 1 figure=100 men but with plenty of tactical detail and good looks.

    That basing system also allows me to form batalions for other rule sets if needed. When I paint small historical batalions such as the Milan Guard (1 batalion), I change the scale (to 1:60 or even 1:40) and paint a 3rd base (or even a 4th) for aesthetic reasons, and to keep the window open for use in those other scales. After so many years, I find flexibility and looks are paramount.

  8. When painting french, as their uniforms don´t change between regiments (well, mostly), I basically paint them in notional "batalions" of 6 bases, this way I keep the right proportions of 1/6 voltigeurs, 1/6 grenadier, and companies 1-4. I always watch to include 1 standard bearer (with escort if he is an eagle-bearer), 1 drummer, 1 NCO and 1 or 2 officers distributed among those 6 bases (not packed together).