Friday, 23 May 2014

Hoy tenemos un batallón de jaegers austríacos, con su apariencia típica en 1866. Sin duda las mejores unidades de infantería del ejército austríaco. He intentado sacar el máximo partido a los 2 tonos de grises del uniforme, oscuro el abrigo y claro el pantalón. Llaman también la atención las brillantes plumas negras de gallo. 

Here we have a batalion of austrian jaegers, in their most typical dressing during the 1866 campaign. The best infantry units in the Austrian army, no doubt about it. I´ve tried to get the most out of their sombre uniforms: Dark grey greatcoats and lighter grey trousers. The shiny black plumes give them a lot of character.

Como suelo hacer con las tropas ligeras, he colocado 3 miniaturas por peana para que puedan "respirar". Como referencia básica he usado el reglamento "1866", pero también planeo probar una adaptación del Regimental Fire & Fury.
As I use to do with light infantry, I´ve put 3 minis per base instead of the usual 4. As a basic reference for building an army, I am using the ruleset "1866". I plan to play with it and also with an adaptation of Regimental Fire & Fury.


  1. They look great, I can't tell who the manufacturer is though.

  2. Very nice work with these Jägers!

  3. Thanks!
    It´s the 1866 range from North Star. They are in the proccess of selling the range to another yet unpublished manufacturer, as a result only a part of the range is available now. I hope the situation is clarified soon. It is a very ambitious range (great variety of poses, great sculpting).