Thursday, 4 December 2014

Italian reinforcements

Today I bring here the 4th Line Infantry Regiment. My third 28mm Italian infantry regiment so far. The fourth is currently on the painting line.
  As usual, white uniforms are a difficult task. Too much shadows and they look dirty, too much white and they look flat and lifeless. And don´t get me started on the right tone of grey... Many swear it should be tan-brownish, but I prefer a purer grey. Well, I hope you like them. As always, my painting style is optimized for arm reach distance, NOT for very close ups (if you want close ups, better get into 90 or 120mm scale).
  As you can see, I have opted for white pompons, as that´s what I find at the Histunif website. But I have other sources colliding with that.
  The figures are mostly Perry´s this time (with some Foundry and Victrix exceptions). They are from their French 1809-1812 range. I must say they are "rougher" around the edges than other references I have from them. The sculpting here feels a little rushed up, as if to fill a hole in the range quickly. Or may be it was a rushed up casting...  They are full of grace as always, but I bet the Perrys could make a "proper" Middle Imperial French period range with a lot of more references. And Light Infantry, please.
 Flag from Adolfo Ramos, waved by yours truly.

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