Thursday, 31 July 2014

French and Prussian Artillery

Over the first posts I have uploaded pictures of infantry and cavalry, both Prussian and French. Today we´ll go for artillery. The prussians you see here were finished some months ago. The real work has been finishing the french artillerists: after several experiments, I have changed my "formula" for dark blue. I have strived to get a deep dark blue which is also "alive" (contrasted). The sad thing is, my camera and my photographic skills are not really up to the test, but I think the following pictures somehow manage to transmit the "feel" of the end result. The prussians were painted before, using my previous technique.

French horse artillery. Miniatures from Perrys, guns are 6pdrs. from Perrys and Front Rank:

French foot artillery, 6 pdrs. Miniatures from Perry, guns are Perrys and Front Rank:

Another french foot battery. This time includes a heavy 12 pdr. gun:

 Prussian foot artillery. Miniatures from Perry (except for a couple of Calpes). Cannons from Perry and Calpe miniatures.


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  1. Excellent paint job with these artilleries!