Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Prussian and Italian reinforcements

The last days I´ve been finishing a couple of Prussian hussar regiments, but they are not ready yet for the show. For now, let´s take a look at some units I´ve finally been able to flag properly (thanks again to Adolfo Ramos beautiful flags).

This is the 2nd West Prussia Regiment:

Now something new: My current Napoleonic project includes a good number of italian regiments. Let´s begin with the 6th Regiment of Line Infantry, Kingdom of Italy. As you can see, the unit is made up mostly of Victrix minis, but there are also some Foundrys, and one Perry. I like to see different heights within the same unit, just as you can see in reality. Even so, the Foundrys are raised with cardboard.

 And here is the 1st Regiment of Line Infantry:


  1. Wonderful minis and flags Joaquin! I like the size of your units - what rules are you looking to use, Black Powder or other?

    1. Thanks!
      Basically, it´s the Age of Eagles scale (one figure = 90 men; units are brigades or regiments), which is about the same to "half depth" scale Field of Glory Napoleonics (4 or 6 bases per regiment).
      But as you can guess, there should be no problem using them with other rules.

  2. hola,tengo una pregunta sobre las miniaturas de calpe,me la podrias contestar?

  3. podrias ayudarme con un proyecto que tengo? es que por mas que miro no me aclaro con las gamas de calpe,las referencias de las miniaturas esas por ejemplo cuales son?
    porque ese es mi problema,tu sabrias ayudarme con las referencias?

  4. es que no domino bien el ingles,y habiendo echo tu un pedido quizas algo de idea tengas mas que yo sobre calpe,te dejo mi correo si quieres hablarme