Monday, 9 June 2014

Húsares franceses/French Hussars

Tras varias entradas sobre en el ejército prusiano, hoy volvemos al ejército francés. Aquí tenemos dos regimientos de húsares, el 4º y el 10º. Las miniaturas son las archiconocidas de Perry Miniatures. He optado por el chacó alto típico de los últimos años del Imperio.
After several entries about the Prussian army, now we turn our attention to the French. Here we have two regiments of hussars, the 4th and the 10th. As you can see, they are from Perry Miniatures. I´ve opted for the later shako rouleau.

4éme Regiment de Hussards:

 10éme Regiment de Hussards:


  1. Beautiful units, the painting is really clean and crisp - I bet Napoleon wished he had more of these skilled horsemen in his later campaigns.

  2. Very nice! the 4e hussars has always been a favorite regiment of mine.