Saturday, 7 June 2014

Estado Mayor prusiano, 1813/Prussian Staff, 1813

Todo ejército necesita de mandos para funcionar: aquí podemos ver varias bases con generales, oficiales del célebre Estado Mayor General, ayudas de campo y feldjaegers (servían de guías y correos). He empleado los grupos de mando 1 y 8 de Calpe Miniatures, más el grupo de generales de Perry Miniatures.
No army can fight without a brain, so I´ve painted several bases with generals, General Staff officers, ADCs and Feldjaegers (used as guides and couriers). I´ve used Calpe Miniatures High Command sets #1 and #8, plus the Generals set from Perry Miniatures.

General de infantería (con telescopio) y oficial de Estado Mayor.
Infantry General (with telescope) and General Staff Officer:


Feldjaeger y General de infantería.  
Feldjaeger and infantry General:

General de caballería (Blucher, pipa en mano), 2 oficiales del Estado Mayor General y edecán.
Cavalry General (Blucher, pipe in hand), 2 General Staff Officers and ADC:

Edecán de infantería y general de infantería.
Infantry ADC and infantry General:

Oficial superior del Estado Mayor General y Feldjaeger.
Senior General Staff Officer and Feldjaeger.


  1. Excellent painting - you've really managed a smooth highlighting on the grey and black nuances, something not so easy. Lovely figures!

  2. Thanks!
    I whish I had a better camera... I´m always trying to make the minis alive through contrasted colours, specially when looked from arm reach, while trying to keep the colours "elegant" at the same time.